Professional, modern facilities cleaning work is generally conducted under enormous time pressure, while also being strenuous and laborious.

Dirt and contamination can quickly build up due to minor mishaps as well as simply due to the day-to-day operations of a business. A drink spilt on the floor left unattended to creates bad first impressions. And even worse, the spilt liquid could be spread throughout the facility if it isn’t cleaned up as soon as possible. Precious time passes before the cleaning staff can get their cleaning tools together and be on-site to clean.

erGo! Clean – being a fast, ergonomic and professional modern alternative to a traditional mop and bucket – will put an end to this with increased operational efficiency compared to more traditional cleaning tools.

The time required to prepare a traditional mop bucket (double or single) and a traditional mop head is considerably longer than the time required to prepare the erGO! Clean for use. This means the mess remains a safety hazard for longer while increasing the chances of it being spread throughout the facility.

  • Cut your labour costs with 18% increased coverage** and 76% increased spot cleaning*** coverage in the same time period.
  • Considerably reduced preparation time compared to erGO! Clean’s traditional counterparts.
  • Quick spill clean-up: Gain an additional 34.5 minutes per eight-hour shift with vertical wringing of the mop in a double or single bucket, when compared to conventional mopping methods.
  • No time-consuming preparation, such as filling buckets, required with erGO!’s ready-to-go and quick to fill replaceable cylindrical tank. Cleaning chemicals can be replaced in a matter of seconds, allowing your cleaning staff to quickly continue with the job at hand.
  • Keep chemicals separated and avoid cross-contamination with colour coding on every replaceable cylindrical tank.
  • Easy to see filling level display to ensure precise chemical measurement and avoid wastage.

*when used properly. 

**when compared to single bucket and 45cm flat mop. [Cleaning Time/Motions Findings Study, Management, Inc., Jan 2018)

***for 10m2 in comparison to double/single buckets. [Expert opinion by Torsten Kohn, certified expert in commercial cleaning, Dec 2017]

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