In many successful businesses, the cost of labour is the largest ongoing expense. It is also an inescapable and essential expense – and one that becomes more expensive as a company becomes more successful.

Some sectors can outsource work overseas to manage labour costs; that’s obviously not an option for most service industries, including the commercial cleaning industry. Indeed, commercial cleaning companies rely on boots on the ground here at home to get the job done. And with labour costs on the rise, cleaning companies need to ensure they don’t lose precious revenue due to overstaffing or inefficient workplace practices.

Managing your labour costs

For commercial cleaners, the best way to manage labour costs is to equip your team with the best tools for the job. Tools that don’t just enable staff to get the job done faster, but tools that empower them to get it done faster without sacrificing the quality of their work. A job done quickly to poor quality standards does more harm to a company’s reputation and bottom line than it does good, and corners shouldn’t be cut merely for the sake of getting the job done sooner.

Rather, cleaning companies can achieve new levels of efficiency by investing in cleaning solutions that enable their staff to clean faster and better – part of which involves making their job physically easier to execute.

One such cleaning solution is the erGO! Clean mop system from German janitorial supplies company Unger, introduced to the ANZ market by Australian commercial cleaning supplies leader Pall Mall in late 2018. The erGO! Clean is an award-winning industrial cleaning product, having won the Janitorial Award for best floor mop at the 2018 INCLEAN Innovation Awards.

How the erGO! Clean mop ensures maximum efficiency

The innovative and ergonomic erGO! Clean mop system can enable commercial cleaning companies to boost their operational efficiency by 18 per cent for area cleaning and up to 76 per cent for spot cleaning. Here are three ways the erGO! Clean mop delivers maximum efficiency for commercial cleaning companies.

  1. Get the job done quicker: The erGO! Clean’s telescopic handle, uniquely curved in an S-shape, promotes ideal posture while reducing forearm, wrist, back and shoulder strain on the user as less grip pressure is needed to manipulate the mop. The result is less fatigued cleaning workers who can get the job done quicker under less strain.
  2. Get the job done better: The erGO! Clean mop isn’t a corner-cutting device. Due to its unique and ergonomically friendly design features, the erGO! Clean promotes high quality cleaning work. As a result of getting the job done right the first time, cleaners don’t have to go back and re-do an area again.
  3. Get larger jobs done with less costs: By working quicker and smarter, the erGO! Clean mop enables more surface area to be cleaned without the need to put more staff on. The result is efficiencies in labour costs.

Get on the fast track today with the erGO! Clean

Pall Mall is the exclusive Australian distributor for the erGO! Clean and other commercial cleaning supplies, industrial cleaning products and janitorial supplies from Unger. Learn more about the erGO! Cleaning System and find out how it could support your cleaning operation and your cleaning staff. Contact Pall Mall now to organise a demonstration of the erGO! Clean at your premises or to enquire about becoming an erGO! Clean distributor.