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The key to managing risk in commercial cleaning

Risk management is an important factor for all businesses – for both the owners/managers as well as the employees. Commercial cleaning companies are constantly considering how to most effectively reduce the risk of injury to their workers.

Repetitive cleaning is extremely strenuous on many parts of the body, particularly the back and wrists. Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR), an industry association based in Germany that promotes research and standards development around the prevention of back pain, notes that 40 per cent of all cleaning workers complain about back pain [1].

For commercial cleaning companies, equipping their cleaning professionals with ergonomic and back-friendly cleaning systems that enable them to efficiently perform their duties in an as-safe-as-possible manner is an investment that is guaranteed to deliver returns. After all, you can’t put a price on staff safety.

Ergonomic and back-friendly cleaning systems can help to reduce injuries and minimize employee sick leave and absenteeism, while reducing a commercial cleaning company’s exposure to workers compensation claims. And on top of that, such systems enable your employees to get the job done quicker without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Meet the Unger erGO! Clean floor cleaning mop

One such ergonomic and back-friendly cleaning system new to the local market is the erGO! Clean floor cleaning mop from German innovator Unger. Introduced to the ANZ market by Australian commercial cleaning supplies industry leader Pall Mall in late 2018, the erGO! Clean is an award-winning industrial cleaning product, having won the Janitorial Award for best floor mop at the 2018 INCLEAN Innovation Awards. Testament to its value, the erGO! Clean mop was recently adopted by leading Australian facilities services company Spotless.

Thanks to its unique S-Telescopic handle, the actions involved in using the erGO! Clean greatly reduce the risk of wrist injuries for commercial cleaning companies. The S-Telescopic handle promotes a swivel motion that removes the need for the user to constantly twist and bend their wrists in order to maneuver this innovative laminate floor mop.

erGO! Clean’s pushing-pulling swivel action eliminates the twisting of the wrists that’s commonly associated with the act of mopping. Minimising wrist twists is a surefire way to reduce the chance of wrist injuries – a common concern for commercial cleaners and large commercial cleaning companies.

Industry body backs erGO! Clean for back injury prevention

Back pain prevention industry association Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) has given its seal of approval to the erGO! Clean for its S-Telescopic handle. The seal of approval from this leading back injury prevention organisation is an endorsement for the erGO! Clean as a back-friendly solution for floor cleaning.

The erGO! Clean meets all of AGR’s safety requirements, including, to name a few:

  • Adjustable to the user’s body height;
  • Intuitive, efficient swiping movements with minimal exertion of force;
  • Comfortable application of the cleaning agent;
  • High stability;
  • Easy exchange of the wiping covers; and
  • Optimal weight.

AGR’s endorsement is also a testament to the fact that the erGO! Clean is a legitimate, active contributor to workplace health and safety (WHS) management strategies for cleaning companies.

How the erGO! Cleaning System can help you

Pall Mall is the exclusive Australia distributor for the erGO! Clean and other commercial cleaning supplies, industrial cleaning products and janitorial supplies from Unger. Learn more about the erGO! Cleaning System and find out how it could support your cleaning operation and your cleaning staff. Contact Pall Mall now to organise a demonstration of the erGO! Clean at your premises or to enquire about becoming an erGO! Clean distributor.

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