Supercharge your professional cleaning operation and make your work truly shine by accessing new levels of speed, safety and strain-free movement with the erGO! Clean. New to the Australian market, the erGO! Clean from German industry leader Unger is a cleaning system so intuitive that you’ll be singing its praises in no time!

A major advancement in flat mopping technology, erGo! Clean’s breakthrough ergonomic grip and swivel motion enables your cleaning operation to operate faster, easier, safer and more efficiently than ever before.

  • intutive S Shape Handle
  • pulse jet systemintegrated dosing Lever
  • microfibre technology

By investing in the erGO! Clean, you can improve your cleaning operational efficiency, boost mopping speed and technique, and reduce worker fatigue and strain, all while focusing on safety, infection control and improved cleanliness. Reduce your labour costs while also reducing your exposure to workplace health and safety (WHS) risk and ensuring that you are best protecting your workers and enabling them to perform at their peak.

erGO! Clean is the professional tool that leading cleaning professionals use to gain an edge in modern commercial cleaning. With the erGo! Clean system, modern cleaning professionals can work smarter and work faster – without having to work harder – while also reducing their commercial cleaning labour costs. The erGO! Clean is the sturdy lightweight mop that commercial cleaning companies need.

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Cleaner floors in less time

Boost your operational efficiency by 18% for area cleaning and 76% for spot cleaning. With a suite of innovative features and an ergonomic design, the erGO! Clean supercharges the speed at which mopping tasks can be completed without compromising on the quality of the clean. Indeed, the erGO! Clean will improve the quality of your cleaning work. Get on the fast track today with the erGO! Clean!

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Relax and let it erGo!

The erGO! Clean boasts a curved S-shape, telescopic handle that promotes an upright posture while reducing strain on the user’s wrists and forearms due to a reduction in the required grip pressure. Ultimately, workers use less muscular effort to perform mopping tasks with the erGO! Clean. Importantly, this results in reduced fatigue and reduced back and shoulder strain.

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Leave less liquid behind

The erGO! Clean leaves less liquid on hard surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of slips and falls for both your cleaning employees and the individuals who use the facility you are tasked with maintaining. With advanced water and dirt absorption, the erGo! Clean is the safest mop system available for commercial cleaning professionals.

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Work smarter, not harder

The erGO! Clean system is incredibly versatile and intuitive. With virtually no assembly required, it is ready to be put to work immediately out of the box. The erGO! Clean is perfectly suited to tackle the challenges of large commercial cleaning jobs. Whatever the job may be, the erGO! Clean is the tool to get it done in the best way and to the highest standard.

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Ensuring maximum efficiency for commercial mopping

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Let your workforce shine with the erGo! Clean system by world renowned brand UNGER, only available in Australia from Pall Mall

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